We accept electronic submissions only.

Once you have contacted us to establish an account, you may send us your work by CD/DVD-ROM, by email as an attachment, or by uploading directly onto our server.

Once processed, your manuscript will be returned to you in the same fashion, unless you specify otherwise. You may also request that a paper copy be mailed to you (additional charges apply for manuscripts that are exceptionally long).

We recommend submitting manuscripts in doc, rtf, odt or sxw formats (or as pdf files for translations only). Please contact us if you have other requirements. We can handle files generated under PC, Mac or Linux systems. However, we recommend sending manuscripts without unnecessary graphics or formatting, as there exists a remote possibility that these will be modified or lost under certain conditions. For information regarding non-text documents (figures, presentations etc.), please consult us.

Please inform us of any word limits you are required to adhere to and we will do our best to respect them.

Where serious ambiguities exist in the text to be edited or translated, we will contact you. You may resolve the problem by email or telephone, or request a personal meeting in order to work on the text with us.

An electronic copy of your manuscript will be conserved in our archives for 6 months. Please let us know if you are likely to submit an identical or similar manuscript for publication after this delay.