All manuscripts/documents submitted are treated with absolute confidentiality.

If and when your work has been accepted for publication, however, we would appreciate it if you could inform us so that we can refer to it on our website.

How soon?

Standard service
Submissions are processed in the order in which they are received. The turnaround time for most standard submissions (exceptions: theses or other bulky documents) is 5-10 working days, depending upon the availability of personnel. Under extraordinary circumstances a longer delay may apply, in which case we will contact you to decide on a mutually convenient deadline.

Express service
We provide an express service with a turnaround time of 2-3 working for an additional charge. Drafts or manuscripts that contain more than 10,000 words (~ 30 typed double-spaced pages) are not normally accepted for express service.

If you anticipate needing express service (e.g. you have a Friday deadline, and you know that you cannot possibly send us your draft before Wednesday), please inform us as far in advance as possible, so that we can reserve the time you need.

Urgent service
Under exceptional circumstances and depending upon the availability of personnel, we accept manuscripts requiring work on weekends and holidays, for an additional charge.

How much?

Our rates depend upon the type of document (scientific or non-scientific), type of service and the turnaround time required. Please contact us for our per hour (editing/rewriting/proofreading or formatting) and per word (translation) rates.

Editing/rewriting/proofreading and formatting rates are calculated on an hourly basis because the amount of work involved varies with the level of English proficiency of the author and the complexity of the manuscript in question. On average, we correct or edit 1000 - 2000 words of manuscript per hour for a non-native English speaker (a double-spaced document composed in font size 12 and printed on Letter or A4 paper usually contains about 350 words per page). If you send us a sample of your writing and details of the work to be submitted, we can provide you with a free estimate (estimates may not be reliable where several authors have contributed to a manuscript).

As a gesture of solidarity, we offer special rates for publicly funded research, local and regional administrations, new entrepreneurs and students (please consult our Solidarity Discounts page for details).

Are you a Prolific Author?

We provide a volume discount in the form of Prolific Author Contracts (PACs) for authors or institutions who submit work on a regular basis (at least 100 hours or 50,000 words per year, or roughly one journal article per month).

PACs entitle you to a 10% discount on our per hour and per word rates and priority processing for both standard and express submissions. The PAC discount may be combined with the discount for publicly funded research/administration.

Payment options

Payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice. Payment may be made by money transfer or by cheque drawn in Euros. For other payment options, please contact us.


Authors are solely and entirely responsible for the contents of the documents submitted. Gap Junction is absloved of all liability in case of error once the work requested has been delivered.