We provide English language editing, rewriting, proofreading and formatting services, as well as French to English translations.

Editing, rewriting and proofreading
If you are already reasonably fluent and capable of expressing complex ideas in English, this service provides the finishing touch to your manuscripts and documents. Although most word-processing programmes provide spelling and grammar checks, not all errors are detected. Nor is an article easy to read simply because it is written in grammatically correct English. We help you with the style and, where possible, the content of your work, in order to produce a document that is smoothly and elegantly written, and easily comprehensible to your target readership.

We recommend this option for those of our colleagues and clients who feel more comfortable writing in French than in English. It is easier for us (and may be more economical for you) to translate good French into good English than to correct or edit a text written in substandard English, where the ideas expressed are not clear. Remember, time is money, so if it takes you twice or thrice as long to write a page in English as in French, you are probably not saving money by “doing it yourself”.

We also handle manuscripts that are written partly in English and partly in French, as in the case of multiauthor papers.

We reformat the text, and where necessary, the bibliography, of manuscripts that are already in English for submission to the journal of your choice.

Types of documents

We accept all kinds of scientific and technical documents: journal and review articles, book chapters, theses, grant applications, project reports, abstracts, seminar presentations, websites etc.

We also accept non-scientific documents upon request.

Areas of expertise

We specialise in all areas of biological and biomedical research, and particularly welcome submissions dealing with neuroscience, developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, stem cells, animal behaviour, genetics, pharmacology etc.

Personalised services

For your special writing or editing needs, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your options with you.